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Calendula Herbal Infused Body and Bath Oil

Calendula Herbal Infused Body and Bath Oil

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Calendula Herbal Infused Body and Bath Oil is a highly nutrient dense and versatile addition to your self care regime. This oil was crafted from blossoms of the calendula plants in my very own garden, unsprayed and carefully tended, harvested and infused into a blend of Apricot Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, and Castor Oil. 

This liquid gold can be used as a body oil for self massage (wonderful to support your lymphatic system and protect skin from the dryness of winter), added to bath water to oil you up as you soak and lock in moisture to keep your skin soft and supple, use just a few drops to rub on dry spots, or as a base for your own concoctions if you like to craft your own balms, salves and more! 

This oil is unscented as it is often used as a self massage tool, it can be nice to mix in your own essential oils just in the palm of your hand and change them up depending on how you are feeling that day. 

Calendula has been used for centuries for all kinds of skin conditions, as a reducer of pain and inflammation, wound healing, to help fight infection, as a food, as a tea. It is full of vitamins and minerals. 

Citrine crystals are added to each jar, to enhance the energy of joy, luck and abundance! 

4oz bottle 

Seasonal Product Available Only While Supplies Last

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