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Zit Zapper Spot Treatment
Green Butterfly Co

Zit Zapper Spot Treatment

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Over night roll on spot treatment to be used on acne or blemishes, to aid in healing and minimizing redness and scars. Made with 3 powerful skin healing oils. Tea tree oil is known for its amazing anti bacterial benefits and is used to control the bacteria that causes acne, it is also helpful to diminish redness and inflammation. 

Lavender oil, is used to help diminish redness, inflammation, has it's own antibacterial properties, can be used to help reduce scarring and adds a relaxing scent to the treatment. 

Carrot seed oil is used to help heal broken skin, and can help to rejuvenate stressed out skin. It is rich in antioxidants, beta carotene and vitamin C and vitamin E. 


To Use: Roll over clean skin in areas where blemish is present. Can be used over night and under moisturizer or serums. To be used as spot treatment only. If any irritation develops discontinue use. 


Zit Zapper Spot Treatment works very well along with the Clear Skin Serum and the Smudge Soap Face Bar. Sold in 2ml size roll on container. 

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