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Flower Water Mists

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Beautiful scents and highly versatile, a simple and elegant way to brighten up your day or use for a multitude of health and beauty purposes. 



Flower water is the production of steam distillation, it is made from many flower petals and water. Nothing else. So simple yet so powerful carrying much healing benefit. 



Rose Mist Flower Water: Rose water is classically known for its rejuvenating properties. It has been used in perfumes and beauty products for centuries! It has the most uplifting scent, this mist can be used simply to lift the spirits. It also makes and excellent facial toner to be used morning and night, helping to repair and aid in anti-aging. It can also be used as a pillow spray before bed or a very light perfume, for your body or hair. The scent is exactly like a fresh rose. 

Rose Water

Lavender Mist Flower Water: Lavender is such a versatile plant. It can be used for beauty, therapeutic calming effects, antibacterial effects and and anti inflammatory effects.This facial mist smells like fresh lavender flowers. It can be used to calm an anxious mind, as a facial toner especially for those with acne prone skin, a post gym facial spray to help control the bacteria that causes acne and to quickly bring down redness in the skin (an excellent option for those who suffer from body acne), an anti inflammatory for sore muscles or bruised skin, and as a pillow spray before bed time to aid in relaxation and calming down a busy mind. It can be used as a room or linen spray or as a subtle perfume on your body or in your hair. It is also known for helping to fade scars with regular use.



Our Flower Mists are 120ml.

More Flower Mist options coming soon!!  

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