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Self massage is a beautiful daily ritual for slowing down,  dropping in and connecting with yourself.  Many of us modern folk live a lot of the time in our sympathetic nervous system which promotes chronic stress and anxiety. Creating a mindfulness practice for yourself can help to combat this effect, self massage works on many levels to enhance your health and bringing you into your para sympathetic, or rest and digest, the place where healing happens. 

Body oiling can help to promote the lymphatic system, relax muscles, soften skin and protect from dryness. It can be an invigorating  ritual to start your day, or amazing just before bed to calm you down. These oils are designed to be soaked into the skin quite easily so wont stain clothing or sheets, they are lightly scented as well so nothing overpowering. 

These oils were crafted with layered intentions, they all include softening and moisturizing botanical oils, layered essential oils, dried herbs or flowers to add nutrients and beautiful plant energy, and charged gem stones for an extra energetic boost. 

 If you are new to self massage start with long strokes toward your heart. Starting from the feet and moving up, then the hands and moving up and neck moving down. Rub your belly in a clockwise direction to promote the path of digestion. 


LOVE Is made in a base of sweet almond oil and sunflower oil. It is softly scented with vanilla, cedar, and very lightly patchouli. The flowers are rose and hibiscus. The heart centered stones are rose quarts and aquamarine. The intention of this oil is to promote self love, and love in general. Enough to fill your cup and spill over onto anyone who is near by you. Love all around. 


CALM is made in a base of sweet almond oil and sunflower oil. It is softly scented with lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, copaiba and chamomile. The herbs are lavender and chamomile. The grounding and calming stones are amethyst and sodalite. The intention of this oil is to return home to self, to the calm that always exists within. It is to help you feel grounded and centered, more of yourself and completely relaxed. 


EMPOWER is made in a base of sweet almond oil and sunflower oil. It is softly scented with sweet orange, ylang ylang, patchouli and chamomile. The flowers are yarrow and calendula. The empowering stones are citrine and carnelian. The intention of this oil is to stoke your inner fire in a joyful way. It can help you open up your solar plexus chakra, your center of power, your self esteem and inner strength.  Believe in yourself and burn bright your inner light! 


CLEAR is made with a base of sweet almond oil and sunflower oil. It is softly scented with palo santo, northern lights black spruce, juniper, sage, black pepper and vanilla. The herbs are sage and juniper. The healing and protecting stones are smoky quarts and black tourmaline. The intention of clear oil is to purify your energy, release the old and stagnant, the negative things you might be holding on too. Protect your own energy and hold the light. 

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