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Ahimsa Calming Face Mask

Ahimsa Calming Face Mask

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Ahimsa means non harming in the Sanskrit language. This mask is a perfectly gentle and powerful way to care for the delicate skin of your face, with the very soft pulling action of white Kaolin Clay, and Pink Australian Clay. Both of these mineral compounds are non abrasive and full of good things! 

The carefully chosen herbs in this mask, are known to calm down redness, sooth tired and sore skin, and also carry antibacterial properties. Rose Hips contain many vitamins and nutrients, and are particularly high in Vitamin C.


Ingredients: White Kaolin Clay, Pink Clay, Lavender Flowers, Chamomile Flowers, Rose Hips, Calendula. 


To Use: Portion 1tsp of powder into a small dish or the palm of your hand, add drops of water until desired consistency is reached. Spread over face and neck area, avoiding under eye area. Leave on until almost dry, and gently wash off. 

To use as a scrub, use the same process and during the washing off, just massage the clay into the skin using light circular patterns with fingertips until desired effect is reached. 

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