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About Green Butterfly Co



Hi, I am Alicia, the maker of all Green Butterfly Co products. It all started for me like it did for many others when I wanted to clean up my diet and the products I was using on my body and home. Around the time my son was born (2009), I was reading so many articles and books about the dangers of toxic chemicals that are allowed in our food, body care and house hold products and the harmful impact they were having on our bodies and environment. A great shift happened for me, it was a massive learning experience and the start to an incredible journey that has eventually led me here.

As I sifted through all the"green" and "natural" products out there, continuing to research to see just how the clean standard claims held up, I began to find my way. I found products that I loved and were totally compatible with my body and environmental standards, and I also found holes where there just wasn't anything available to purchase out there. This was the reason I began to create my own products. Through so much trial and error, research and development in my own kitchen, I began to find things that worked effectively and caused no harm to body and home. 

It has been a lot of work and so much fun! I am so pleased to be able to offer some of my creations to you! If you want to become a little bit more green and crunchy please check out what I have to offer in my Natural products page. This list will change and grow depending on season and availability of ingredients. 

I am located in Airdrie Alberta Canada, I try to keep Green Butterfly Co's footprint as small as possible by sourcing ingredients locally when I can. Some of the ingredients in my products are harvested in my own garden, foraged in a sustainable way near by and grown in Alberta. You will see many unique offerings featuring locally grown herbs and flowers with much healing benefit. 


For more information please contact me at or through my Face Book page. Follow me on Instagram for lots of cool pictures of the process!


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